It's not mandatory. The material of which the device is made (the toothbrush) is a bacteriostatic elastomer, therefore rinsing is not necessary from a hygienic point of view.
However, it is recommended to rinse for a few seconds under running water to remove any food residues and maintain the original color, especially if you often drink coffee, wine, etc.
It is important that at the end of each use it is placed in the special box (valve).

From the thinning of the teeth placed in the part of use of the toothbrush as well as from the sensitive reduction of the gradual release of essential oils that refresh and perfume the breath.

Through the gradual release of the essential oils present inside it allows you to carry out a real washing.
Goosmi offers oral hygiene without the use of chemicals through a "gentle" (even mechanical) removal practice between one dental space and the other and a "massage" of the gums to stimulate the secretion of saliva
and other molecules by the gingival tissue to counteract potentially pathogenic bacteria.

Yes, it can, it's a full-fledged wash.
The practicality of use, however, favors the use in all those occasions in which it would not be easy to carry out traditional washing.

Yes. The materials used are 100% recyclable. Essential oils are completely natural and use without water and toothpaste makes it an ideal product for everything related to eco-sustainability.

Cleaning is a sanitizer with release of vitamin C and citrus and menthol essential oils.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is necessary for the health of the dental alveoli and to preserve the tissues and blood vessels for anchoring the teeth.
Strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism and absorption of iron and calcium. Strengthens the bone tissue of the tooth.

Whitening is a natural whitener based on white clay (Kaolin), lemon sage and menthol.
The essential oils of sage and lemon prevail in the fragrance while the menthol in the sensation of freshness that is obtained after each use.
It gives shine, removes and prevents stains, giving immediate results, without using chemical or abrasive materials.