GOOSMI: white smile on-the-go

Oral hygiene is touched with a finger
GOOSMI: oral hygiene with a simple gesture

GOOSMI is the innovative finger toothbrush that you use without water or toothpaste.

Bacteriostatic effect tested and guaranteed: GOOSMI creates a shield effect that repels any type of bacterium.

Eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly, because it is made with natural materials, 100% recyclable.

Small, convenient and easy to use: you can take it with you wherever you want and whenever you want.

Convenient and practical, because it can be reused up to a hundred times.

A finger is enough for your smile.

Which GOOSMI is right for you?

GOOSMI Cleaning: with vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is necessary for the health of the dental alveoli and to preserve the tissues and blood vessels for anchoring the teeth.

Strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism and absorption of iron and calcium. Strengthens the bone tissue of the tooth.

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GOOSMI Whitening: for a whitening effect

The finger toothbrush with natural whitener based on white clay (Kaolin), sage, lemon and menthol, which perfumes and freshens the breath

Gives shine to dental enamel, removes and prevents stains. Its results are immediate, without the use of chemicals or abrasives.

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Why choose GOOSMI for your oral hygiene


You don't need water or toothpaste.
If you want, you can rinse it.


Thanks to the unique material it is made of, it cleans the mouth and PREVENTS the onset of PLATE and CARIES, all WITHOUT having to use any type of TOOTHPASTE.


Thanks to its special bacteriostatic formulation it does not allow proliferation
of bacteria. Create a shield effect by repelling any type of bacterium.


GOOSMI is good for everyone, from children who learn good oral hygiene habits to adults who spend a lot of time away from home. You use it wherever and whenever you want, because it is not cluttered and does not weigh.


It is built with a completely reusable and recyclable material of excellence: Latex free, PVC free, Silicone free.
It meets the highest standards of Bio-Compatibility of medical regulations.


Unlike a normal toothbrush, it is environmentally friendly: every material used to produce and package it is COMPLETELY RECYCLABLE.

TESTED in the laboratory

GOOSMI eliminates the risk of a possible intake of pathogenic bacteria deriving from the water supply systems.

All of our products are scientifically tested and guaranteed by professionals in the sector.

Oral hygiene and covid-19

"A meticulous and frequent oral hygiene is of particular importance if not indispensable, without disturbing the delicate oral microbiota. In this regard, the use of chemicals is strongly discouraged, in favor of a good practice of" gentle "removal (also mechanics) between one dental space and another and a "massage" of the gums to stimulate the secretion of saliva (containing lysozyme and other substances naturally present there with bacteriostatic / bactericidal action) and other molecules by the gingival tissue with a contrasting action potentially pathogenic bacteria. "

Taken from: Profiling of oral microbiota and cytokines in COVID-19 IMBIO patients, Institute of Biological Medicine of Milan -


They say about Goosmi

Perfect, it cleans, and gradually whitens. Great for smokers and also convenient for those who are out all day.

Anna customer Amazon

I am testing it daily at work and it works. Good recommended.

Matteo Facebook customer




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